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"Success isn't a responsibility you can delegate. You must do the work yourself." - Shontaye Hawkins, MBA, Success Coach

Money Beliefs That Keep Clients Away

Money Beliefs That Keep Clients Away - Profit Is The New Black
Even if you’re not moving your mouth, there’s a conversation going on in your head. Your brain doesn’t shut off even when you’re asleep. If you’ve ever gone to bed trying to solve a problem or fix something and knew exactly how to fix it the next morning, it’s because your brain…
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What Rich Entrepreneurs Know

What Rich Entrepreneurs Know - Profit Is The New Black
How much revenue did your business generate last month? How much profit did your business make last month? What about last year? Do you know? According to the SBA, one of the top reasons small businesses fail is due to poor accounting. In other words, small businesses fail
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What To Do When Your Mind Plays Tricks On You

On one hand your mind is your best asset to achieving success and on the other hand it can be a liability. In a split second, it tells you, go for it you can do it then, it tells you, you’re crazy if you think you can do that. In…
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Are You The Milli Vanilli Of Your Industry

Are You The Milli Vanilli Of Your Industry - Emergence Success Solutions
I often hear business owners, just like you say they feel as if something’s missing in their business. They feel as if they’re missing critical pieces to the puzzle. I know how that feels because I’ve been there. What I’ve discovered is it’s not a system, process, product or resource…
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The Habit Of Success

The Habit of Success - Emergence Success Solutions
As an entrepreneur, there’s a distinct habit that you must possess at each stage, whether starting, building or growing your business. This one habit coupled with your ideas is what turns your dream of a successful, profitable business into the reality you live, breathe and enjoy. So, what is that habit? It’s the habit…
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